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CBD has been the subject of much discussion in recent years. As with many alternative medicines and supplements, the best types, dosages, and delivery systems take time to discover and build consumer confidence in them – and that takes time as well.

Perhaps you’ve tried CBD before, or have been thinking about doing so. If this is the case, Una Patches could be an excellent and long-term way for you to benefit from CBD.

Una Patches’s Purpose and Responsibilities

The World’s FIRST CBD Patches that use rapid-absorption technology to break the cycle of ineffective CBD products and dramatically reduce anxiety.

It’s innovative, science-backed and combines modern technology with traditional ayurvedic secrets.

Short and sweet: the desire to assist you in becoming the best version of yourself!

Their CBD is made from hemp grown in Europe and rigorously tested by third parties to ensure its purity and quality, making this possible (in the spirit of transparency, they also publish their lab results). There is no liquid to spill or tablets to swallow with the medical-grade patch delivery system, and even better, they are produced sustainably!

Biodegradable patches are packaged in recyclable materials. Local manufacturers are used whenever possible in their supply chain to reduce carbon emissions.

They have signed up for a climate positive program with Earthly, which goes beyond balancing carbon emissions to actually having a positive environmental and social impact on the environment and society.

So what exactly do you get with Una Patches?

Well here is what just 1 patch a day does for you…

  • Helps the body and mind achieve balance
  • Dramatically reduces overthinking, racing minds and other anxiety symptoms
  • Aids in the ability to get better sleep
  • Aids in significantly reducing stress and anxiety
  • Greatly increases your energy levels and improves quality of life!

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The creator of Una Patches.

Anna – the founder of Una Patches. I’m a Medicinal Chemist by training, specialising in natural medicines for my dissertation, and before starting Una Patches I worked for big pharma.

Because of my education and experience, I am well-versed in the way substances interact with our bodies, as well as how to get the most benefit from them and deliver them to their intended destination.

That’s why I ruled out oral options. Taking CBD in the form of a pill or oil may feel familiar, but the likelihood of it being effective is extremely low.

You can rest assured that these claims aren’t just a bold marketing strategy. This is supported by official government research. As a result, I instead concentrated on developing a solution that actually …….


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